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Newfield Trailer

Welcome to Newfield. A brief glimpse into the first episode of this haunting story.

Part 1 - Welcome to Newfield

Jane is introduced to Newfield when she has a weird encounter in the local cemetery and discovers her namesake on a gravestone from the 17th century. Meanwhile, she f...

Part 2 - Drowning

Jane is shocked when a horrible slur about her appears in giant red letters on a wall at school. She realizes she must prove her innocence and in doing so, she learns...

Bonus Content: Interview with the creators of Newfield.

Mike and Tracy discuss the creation of Newfield and what's next for RoaringBox

Bonus content: Interview with actors Kate Baldwin and Graham Rowat

Mike and Tracy talk with Kate Baldwin (Jane) and Graham Rowat (Finn) about NEWFIELD, voice acting and the unique challenges of creating audio dramas.

Bonus content: Interview and ghost story with Walt Matis, New England Historian

Delve into the true history that inspired NEWFIELD. Tracy speaks with Walt Matis, historian and staff member at Fairfield Museum and History Center about the New Engla...

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